IOCDF Conference 2016

I hope you’re planning on joining me at the International OCD Foundation national conference in Chicago next week! I’m honored to be co-presenting two workshops at the event, and you can visit this page after our workshops to download copies of the slides.

Motivating Toward Recovery: Strategies for Maintaining ConferenceChallengeMotivation Across Treatment and Beyond (with Nathaniel Van Kirk, Ph.D. and Jeff Bell)

Friday, July 29 • 9:15am – 10:45am

ERP is an effective, yet demanding treatment for OCD, making motivation essential to its success. Unfortunately, misconceptions about motivation can make it difficult for individuals to stay engaged. In order to help those with OCD enhance treatment motivation, panelists will present a framework for conceptualizing motivation as a skill, examining the common roadblocks, and identifying specific strategies for maintaining motivation across treatment and beyond. Presenters will integrate current research/clinical insights with lessons learned from their own experiences going through OCD treatment to provide attendees with practical, tailored motivational skills. Strategies for reframing attitudes towards anxiety and using the “greater good perspective shift” to enhance motivation will be provided. Overall, this panel will provide an interactive and inspirational venue for those with OCD to enhance treatment motivation.

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Regaining Your Balance When Slipping, Sliding and BackSlipssliding: How to Create an OCD Maintenance/Recovery Plan (with Jonathan Grayson, Ph.D)

Friday, July 29 • 1:45pm – 3:45pm

After the challenging work of ERP, you want to be done. But, you will slip – slipping is a normal process, and it happens for any behavior one tries to change (e.g., diets, exercise programs, smoking cessation, etc.). If slipping meant OCD returned in full force and propelled you back to dysfunction, that would be devastating. But, this isn’t the case. The trick is early detection of warning signs and quick response to slips. In this interactive workshop attendees, will identify the triggers leading to slips. Roleplays will help them learn to recognize the OCDemon, who tries to trick you into turning small lapses into full scale relapse. Attendees will be interactively guided through the process of developing their own relapse prevention/recovery plan.

Slides from this talk are available here. The trigger sheet is available here.