It’s been a privilege to share KeyWords with you over the last two years, and we want to thank you for being part of our community!

We’ve received lots of great feedback from the community about our daily emails and e-course, and we’re grateful we could provide some motivation in the fight against OCD! However, after lots of thought, we’ve decided that we both want to head in some new directions with our advocacy efforts. In 2019, Shala will focus on launching some new content based on Is Fred in the Refrigerator? Taming OCD and Reclaiming My Life (and potentially creating a whole new motivational email offering!) and Jeff will be focusing on further developing the nonprofit Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance (A2A).

For daily encouragement and support, we’d like to encourage each and every one of you to sign up for the OCD Support group on Yahoo! This group has been moderated since its inception in 2001 by Wendy Mueller and Dr. James Claiborn, both of whom have received the Patricia Perkins Service Award from the International OCD Foundation.

Again, it’s been a pleasure bringing you KeyWords and our e-course! Don’t ever forget that you’re not alone, and that you CAN take your life back from OCD and thrive!

Best regards,
Shala and Jeff