OCD Blog Post Library and Why Your OCD Won’t Like It

Find the OCD-taming blogs that interest you!Introducing my new categorized library of blog posts on taming OCD and reclaiming your life! I hope you’ll love it, and I’m quite sure your OCD will not.

Why? Well, if you have OCD and are presented with a lot of information (especially about how to tame it), oftentimes OCD will get frightened and overwhelmed and tell you not to look at any of it right now. OCD might say, “We can look at it later because we don’t have time/ we don’t know which one will be the best use of our time/ we might pick the wrong one and waste time/ it might be triggering/ it might make us question what we’re doing/ it might not be helpful/ etc….”

In other words, OCD is likely to bring up all sorts of anxiety-provoking reasons to avoid taking action that might help you reclaim your life, because OCD would like to stay in charge.

Therefore, it can be a good exposure exercise to choose one category below that seems interesting, and then choose one post and read it, even if it turns out that it wasn’t the “perfect” one for you to read in that moment. In other words, you can turn this library of OCD blog posts into a great opportunity to practice ERP so that you can reclaim your life!

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Posts on Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for OCD

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My blogs are not a replacement for therapy, and I encourage all readers who have obsessive compulsive disorder to find a competent ERP therapist. See the IOCDF treatment provider database for a provider near you. And never give up hope, because you can tame OCD and reclaim your life!

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