2015 Therapists with OCD Support Group

You can now download the handout we used at the Support Group. If you have any questions about starting a support group for mental health clinicians and trainees with OCD, please Contact Me.

Being a therapist with OCD comes with a unique set of opportunities and challenges.  On the plus side, we have the personal experience that enables us to truly empathize with our clients who are struggling with mental disorders.  However, we also have some special challenges.  How do we handle it when our OCD is triggered by something said or done in session? How do we manage the OCD tendency to feel that we have to be “perfect” because we are therapists? How do we help clients with some of the very same issues with which we might struggle, such as shame and self-criticism?

Join us at the 2015 IOCDF Conference for the second annual meeting of this support group, where therapists with OCD will meet to canstockphoto8753196interactively discuss all these issues and more.  In addition, we’ll discuss how to form your own ongoing therapist phone support group with the other therapists you’ll meet tonight.

We’ll be meeting from 8 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 30 in “Venue 3” at the conference hotel.

Our agenda will be:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Tonight’s topics
  • Starting your own therapist support group
  • Final thoughts and questions

Ideas for tonight’s discussion topics include:

  • What is hardest for you about being a therapist with OCD?
  • Have you incorporated mindfulness into your own recovery and/or do you use it with clients? How has it affected your recovery?
  • Brené Brown has a book entitled The Gifts of Imperfection. Do you see imperfection as a gift in general and/or in your work with clients?
  • For past conference attendees, what’s hardest/easiest about being at the conference?

Join us to discuss all this and more in a place where not only everyone understands OCD … but everyone understands being a therapist with OCD!