OCD Therapy and Treatment (ERP)

You are unique, and your therapy for OCD should be, too — while also being based on research. With that in mind, I offer an individualized treatment program based on the research-based treatment for OCD, exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy. Using an empathetic, caring approach, I customize the four-phase OCD treatment program based on your needs to help you win back your life from OCD.


Assessing and monitoring of OCD symptoms and severity using the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS) and other assessments


Preparing for ERP using education and cognitive therapy, including:

  • Changing the game that OCD is playing, creating rules to make it easier for you to win!
  • Learning how to harness the new meaning of JOY from Everyday Mindfulness for OCD
  • Developing your self-compassionate statement to help you focus on being nice to yourself (which is the opposite of how OCD treats you!)

ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention)

Working on exposure and response prevention exercises with you in or outside of the office.

  • Shoulders Back: learning how to act as though what OCD is saying isn’t relevant
  • Avoiding ERP pitfalls:  tweaking your ERP skills and troubleshooting how OCD might be trying to sabotage your recovery.
  • All in the family:  working with your family to help them help you
  • When “life happens:” planning your response prevention strategy

Maintaining Progress

Developing a follow-up plan for relapse prevention

  • The continuum:  moving from provoking to permitting
  • Giving yourself a boost:  scheduling ERP booster sessions
  • What now?:  incorporating fun back into your life

If you are also suffering from a disorder related to OCD or depression, your individualized program can include the research-based treatment for those issues as well.

I also offer free OCD-taming tips & resources through my Shoulders Back!  email newsletter, which I sent out every month.

If you’re in Georgia and would like to learn more about how you can take back your life from OCD, please call me at 404-632-4804 or fill out the Contact Me form. I look forward to speaking with you.