Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders

You may have heard the term “Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders” referring to disorders that share some characteristics with OCD, but are actually separate disorders. The term for these disorders is now being changed to Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders, which includes OCD and disorders that are related to it, including:

The four disorders listed above can occur alongside OCD or on their own, and clicking on the links above will take you to more information about each disorder from the International OCD Foundation.


While depression is not “officially” related to OCD, many people with OCD suffer not only from the anxiety caused by the OCD but also from depression.

If you suffer from one of these disorders, there is hope! I help clients who have one or more of these disorders, including depression, using the research-based treatment approach for each. To learn more about my approach and to talk with me about how I could help you, please call me at 404-632-4804 or fill out the Contact Me form. I look forward to speaking with you.