Introducing my new blog, FredTalks, where the goal is to help you tame OCD and reclaim your life! This blog is different from my Aha! Moments and Beyond the Doubt Psychology Today blogs, in that the posts are:

  • Short (around 250 words or less) so you can read them in a minute or two
  • Action-focused on tips & tricks you can try to help you tame your OCD
  • Categorized by before, during, and after treatment, so you can find posts that are relevant to where you are in your recovery journey
  • Based on stories from Is Fred in the Refrigerator? Taming OCD and Reclaiming My Life, and for each post, I’ll identify the pages in Fred where you can read a story illustrating the concept and/or where you can check out Dr. Reid Wilson’s expert guidance on the topic in Fred’s Afterword.

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Here’s to taming OCD and reclaiming your life!