OCD Advocacy

One of the hardest parts of having OCD is feeling like you alone are suffering from these terrible thoughts, that no one understands, and that you are going to be stuck in an endless loop of obsessions and rituals forever.

Which is why I do OCD advocacy work and share the story of my own struggle with and triumph over OCD:  because you are not alone, there are lots of us out here who do understand, and we want you to know that there is hope…that you do not have to suffer.


Is Fred in the Refrigerator?

You can now watch my story, “Is Fred in the Refrigerator?”, which I told as the keynote speaker at the International OCD Foundation conference in 2013.  The recording is from an OCD Georgia event, OCD Unveiled!, where I first shared my story.

Keynote-Preso-1After hiding her OCD from everyone for more than 30 years, Shala Nicely breaks “rule #1” and shares the story of how she finally took her life back from OCD. Using the age-old art of storytelling, she tells tales from throughout her life, transporting you into her journey from tragedy to triumph. Told with a compelling and compassionate mixture of candor, humor and suspense, Shala’s story will leave you inspired that you can take your life back from OCD — that you can be free.

Watch the entire video
Watch stories 1 – 4
Watch stories 5 – 8
Watch stories 9 – 11


The A2A Alliance

I am also a proud member of The A2A Alliance, an organization leading the way from adversity to advocacy. Visit Project Hope Exchange, an initiative of Life Vest Inside and The A2A Alliance, to learn how you can give hope and get hope, all in 30 seconds.

OCD-Related Speaking Engagements

I love sharing stories and giving presentations in the community about OCD, its appropriate treatment, and my own struggles and triumph over the disorder.  A sampling of OCD-related speaking engagements I have done is below.  If you would like me to speak at your next event, please give me a call at 404-632-4804.

  • “Is Fred in the Refrigerator?” as the keynote speech at the International OCD Foundation conference in Atlanta, July 20, 2013.
  • “Is Fred in the Refrigerator?” at OCD Unveiled!
  • “An Overview of OCD and its Treatment” given twice a year for a Psychopathology class at Mercer University
  • “OCD in the Classroom” at the Fulton County School Counselors conference
  • “Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” at Douglas Private Care Services