ERP Practice Group

When you have severe OCD, sometimes overcoming it using ERP can be challenging.  It can be hard to adopt the new attitude necessary to get better:  the attitude of “I want this anxiety because I want to beat OCD!”  Sometimes it’s also easy to get lost in OCD’s content: you end up worrying about OCD’s threatened consequences of facing your fears instead of approaching what you fear and acting as though the content of the OCD obsessions is irrelevant.ERP Practice Group for OCD

However, having the right attitude and being willing to act like the OCD content doesn’t matter are both critical to recovery.

This group is designed to help clients who have severe OCD overcome those challenges. We meet once a month for 6 hours to 1) practice adopting a new attitude of wanting to move toward doubt, uncertainty, and distress and to 2) do exposures individually and in small and large groups, knowing as we do so that we are acting like the OCD content is irrelevant. Each month we also get together for an hour and a half for a support group, to talk about how our practices are going between sessions and to reinforce our new, more powerful attitudes. At one of our recent support group meetings, the group put together an Inspiration Playlist of the songs that motivate them to keep doing the hard but worthwhile work of ERP.

This group is currently not running. However, if you are a current client and are interested in joining a group, please call me or ask about the group at your next session. If you are not a current client but would like to become a client and join a group, please call me at 404-632-4804 or fill out the Contact Me form.

Sometimes overcoming severe OCD can feel impossible…but that’s just your OCD trying to intimidate you. Join this group to embrace the possible: that you can take your life back from OCD.

ERP Practice Group for OCD