OCD Recovery Group


Please note this group is not currently running.

It’s a glorious day when you know you’re finally in recovery from OCD, and you feel a tremendous sense of relief. You can go back to doing what you want to do! Your thoughts and feelings start to become genuinely your own, instead of being driven by fear. You have the energy and motivation to pursue your dreams once again, and to live your life to the fullest.

But recovery from OCD is a process, and living how we want to live requires some maintenance. My friend Dr. Jonathan Grayson shares a wonderful metaphor about the process in a recent blog post:

“Your OCD was like a garden full of weeds.  You’ve gone through treatment and worked incredibly hard cleaning out the weeds and planting what you want  –  your garden is beautiful, but weeds will grow.   You have to decide how much effort you want to put into keeping it beautiful, because you can let it get overgrown with weeds again.”

Freedom from OCD

If you are in recovery from OCD, this therapy and support group is designed for you: to help you to maintain the freedom from OCD that you have achieved. During meetings we will discuss strategies and tactics for keeping your Weeding gardengarden beautiful and weed-free. In addition, all participants will receive an autographed copy of When in Doubt, Make Belief by Jeff Bell, Shala’s business partner in Beyond the Doubt.

The OCD Recovery Group currently meets once a month on Saturday mornings and the schedule for the rest of 2016 is available. Prior groups met on weekday evenings, and you can visit the groups’ meetings pages below to learn more about past topics:

To join the group

If you would like to join one of the groups and are a current or former client, just give Shala a call at 404-632-4804 to sign up. If you are not a current or former client but are in recovery from OCD and would like to join a group, contact Shala to schedule an intake appointment for the group.

Join this group to meet others in recovery from obsessive compulsive disorder, to learn relapse prevention skills and techniques, and to maintain your freedom from OCD.