I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but OCD cops quite an arrogant, demeaning, and unforgiving attitude when it’s screaming at you to do its biding. That’s part of how it gets you to do what it wants.

Have you ever thought about taking that same attitude with your OCD to get it to do what you want?

Watch this video to see how and why I decided to approach ERP therapy with gusto. This is the story of my first ERP practice session as part of Dr. Reid Wilson’s 2-Day OCD treatment group. I embrace a whole new attitude toward my disorder that helps me turn my life around.

You can also read this story from Fred on my website, and if you have the book, the story is on pages 172-175.

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FredTalks are not a replacement for therapy, and I encourage all readers who have obsessive compulsive disorder to find a competent ERP therapist. See the IOCDF treatment provider database for a provider near you. And never give up hope, because you can tame OCD and reclaim your life!